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Door Stripping & Restoration

A Same Day Front Door restoration service is available, with collection & delivery if required. Contact Us for a quote today!

Old doors, are stripped in a caustic solution. The residue is then removed by pressure washing. The items are left to dry slowly and naturally to avoid shrinking, then placed into a dehumidified storage area until the drying process is complete.

Next, any repairs can be undertaken. Holes or damaged areas are replaced with matching wood and the piece is then sanded ready to receive the finish which is either wax or lacquer as preferred.  

Door stripping - London, Guildford, Beds, Bucks

We offer a full finishing service to be priced once stripped.

Hardwood furniture is stripped by hand. 

Doorstripping - London, Guildford, Beds, Bucks

Dark Oak furniture stripped by hand to give it a new lease of life and a light modern look.

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  • All door furniture - i.e. handles, hooks, locks etc. - must be removed previous to stripping. All doors provided to us with furniture still on will be charged at £5 per door.
  • Doors with glass panels can be stripped but there is a 50/50 chance of the glass cracking.
  • Modern varnished and painted doors can be stripped at extra cost. Please call us for a cost for stripping by hand. Please note that when gloss paint is removed sometimes white emulsion or primers are left underneath.
  • All work conducted by Guildford Doorstripping is carried out by our professional craftsmen with many years experience working with pine and oak doors and furniture, and all metalwork.